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OIL is a game about digging for oil in early 1900’s America. It’s a two player game that you play against a computer player or with your friend on the same device. OIL is a tense digital board game that plays a lot like battleships with a major oil mining twist! Unlike battleships, in OIL you and your opponent share the same play-space and compete for the same oil. Use your strategic mastery to beat your opponent and show who is the best oil miner! Influenced by the film ‘There Will Be Blood’, OIL focuses on the competition of oil mining in the iconic setting of the American oil boom of the early 1900’s.


OIL came from wanting to make a board game for the digital era, that still focuses on the core part of the board gaming experience - playing against your friends in the same physical space as a social activity. We were hugely inspired by battleships and wanted to explore what this classic game would look like with a fundamental change. Battleships revolves around two fleets of ships and so it takes place on two seperate boards, one for each player. Oil mining, however, is a competitive endeavour so we figured that it should happen on the same board where players compete for shared resources. This completely changes the dynamics of the game in a way that would be very hard to recreate physically and therefore we feel we reached our goal of making a truly digital board game. Throughout development we have aimed to combine this gameplay with a slick user-experience, attention to detail, indulgent interactions and appealing animations.


  • 18 levels for you to unlock on the path to oil mining greatness.

  • 3 tiers of ai difficulty to test your skills against.

  • Beautiful chilled out soundtrack to immerse you in the world of OIL.

  • Play against you friend using pass and play to see who’s best.

  • Portrait or landscape for on-the-go mining.

  • Simple tap and swipe controls with an intuitive minimalist interface.

  • Levels which reference scenes from ‘There Will Be Blood’.

  • No internet connection required to play.



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Awards & Accolades

- App Store Game Of The Day UK, USA & Mainland Europe

- Very Big Indie Pitch London '18 - 2nd Place

- Big Indie Pitch Dundee '17 - 3rd Place

- Dare Academy '17 - Runner Up



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About Wee Door

Wee Door is an indie games studio which makes aesthetically pleasing and user experience driven apps for mobile and tv platforms.

More information about Wee Door is available here.


OIL Credits


Simon Messer

Josh Hale


Audio: Adiescar Chase

Art: Gianfranco Dbeis

Additional sounds and art:

Michael Vogler

Poly by Google